Monday, 5 January 2015

Isaac's Ark

Hello my little blogging friends, long time no see.  Can't believe that it's 2015 already, blinked and you missed 2014!

Well what a start to the year by being asked to make a card for a 1 year old little boy.  I wasn't sure at first what to do, but wanted to do something colourful.  I then remembered that I had some Kanban stamps of animals, and so the creative juices started flowing.   

First of all I cut a circle from Kraft card (actually it wasn't exactly Kraft card, but a light brown card, and then scored it down the centre (using my Hougie board) and then at 1 cm intervals towards the outside edge, I drew vertical lines and dots to make it look like planks,  then folded it in half.  

I then cut two more circles the same size but slightly larger than the brown one, (one using the Spellbinders Grand decorative circles and one using a Spellbinders plain circle, scored and folded these in half (this was basically to give a bit more stability to the structure) you could probably get away with one circle if you're using heavy weight card.  The edge of the decorative circle was coloured with distress ink pad (using Salty Ocean - or something like that, sorry can't remember off the top of my head).

I then cut a rectangle (I used a Tonic scalloped edge) and a slightly smaller straight edge to make the cabin.  Cut out four little windows and glazed them with diamond glaze,  I then cut a slot in the top of the brown circle, (along the crease) so that I could slide the rectangle into it.  If your following these instructions Don't stick anything down until you're happy where the animals are going etc., depending on how you want to decorate it!  

As I said earlier, I stamped the Kanban animals onto white card and then coloured them in (using Promarkers) and cut them out,  The bunting was stamped on white card and coloured in along with the Number 1 and also covered this in Diamond Glaze.  'Isaac' was stamped using a Clarity Stamp set, with Sprinkles blue glitter glue round the edges,  

The cabin is actually stuck to the front underside of the light brown.  This means it's at the right angle and not leaning forward.  Hope this makes sense.  

If you have any questions about making this card please feel free to contact me.  It's funny but I've had this idea in my mind since I got the stamps, but never actually got round to making it - but now I have I'm glad I did.  Isaac's Mum loved it and hopefully so will Isaac.  Just leaves me to say 
"Happy Birthday Isaac" and thank You for checking out my blog.  Take care and see you all again soon xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy Birthday Mum

I wanted to share this card with you as I have made it for my Mum, whose birthdays' tomorrow.  She'll be 92.  I wanted to make her something special, basically cos she's my Mum.  I had seen a couple of these boxes on Facebook so I watched a YouTube video, which I found one of the better ones, and most useful as the lady 'Dawn' does it in real time, so you can craft along with her!

The flowers on the cake were from Sweet Lilac, whom I must say I was a little dubious of ordering from, but once again ladies from one of the groups on Facebook I belong to assured me that they were very good and I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered the sample box at 11 o' clock one evening and within two days the parcel arrived.  Excellent service, will definitely use them again.  

The flowers on top. Of the box are of course my old faithfuls and made from a Spellbinder die (blossom 4 - I think), oh and the leaves underneath are from an ivy die from Di'esire (think that's how you spell it?)

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and hopefully my Mum will be too, that is if she doesn't open it upside down!!!  

Sunday, 24 August 2014

40 Ruby Red Years of Marriage

Hi girls and guys, thought I would share with you a card I made for friends 40th wedding anniversary.  It was one of those cards that went together straight away and proved to be a really nice card (even if I say so myself!), which was a bonus as I made it yesterday, when I needed it for today (no pressure there was there?). 

It was an 8x8 card (as usual) think this is a nice size for special occasions and easier to make a square box too.  I used a spellbinder die to make the red roses and curled the edges of the petals before rolling,  the gold leaves were one of the new Sue Wilson leaf dies, which I really liked, think they're just a bit different to the standard leaves.  The ovals were cutting using the Tonic dies, really useful set which comes with both plain and scalloped ovals.  Obviously the '40 years' and the 'Ruby Anniversary' were peel offs that I had.  Haven't used peel offs for yonks, but couldn't find the correct stamp at the time, but may have to re-introduce them into my crafting again.....

I did make a box to put it in, but forgot to take a photograph,  doh!  Never mind, next time perhaps.  

Sunday, 10 August 2014

My latest Creations!

Wow! Cannot believe that it was the beginning of July when I last blogged and now the beginning of August, well ten days in - just where does the time go?  Anyway, have been busy making cards for family and friends and a couple of orders in between, which is always good - can justify buying more craft stash if I make a little bit - not that I make any really cos I always spend more than I get back, but hey Ho I'm enjoying myself and that's the main thing.  

Well lets start with the first cards I made.  These are for one lucky Mum, who is going to get two of my cards from two of her sons (someone at work asked me to make him one for his Mum's 70th) so I made him two to give him a choice and he bought both, one for his brother, which I thought was very sweet - hopefully she'll like them both.  

The first one was made using the bookatrix board by the Glittergirls.  It's funny but us crafters have loads of stuff and we always need more and some of us are lucky to get more, but we do forget about what we've already got and this was one of my 'has beens' till I saw someone had posted pics of one they'd made using the board on a Facebook page (Card Making UK) that I belong to and I thought it suited the occasion just right.

The second one, some of you may have already seen as I had spent weeks trying to get this right - nothing particularly difficult in it, but it just wouldn't fit together for some reason and when it did eventually, I stuck it all down and found out I'd stuck it on 'sideways'.  The air was blue I can tell you - I slammed around, kicked the cat and felt much better (no I didn't kick the cat - I don't actually have one and still wouldn't have kicked it if I had!). Actually I felt much better after I had posted it on Card-Making UK and they all came to the rescue about cutting the front off and mounting it on to another card mount - and that's what I did - and you'd never know I had.  Thanks girls.  

I've used the Sue Wilson dies for the lattice background and leaves, but what doesn't show up very clearly in the photo is the diamond jewels I used behind the lattice.  That was the first time I used them and they do give a really nice affect.

Right the next one.  

This one was for one of the Managers at work little girls christening.  I really enjoyed making this one and started out with making it monochromatic (just using one colour - cream) but as usual it never ends up like the idea you started with, but I have to say I loved the pinks and creams together, sort of ice cream flavours.  I also love the church window die from Spellbinders it has come in very useful and I used the new Sue Wilson dies to make the leaves.  

Right, next one - I told you I had been busy!  (Hope you're not getting bored?)

Ah this one is for someone at work who is leaving.  She works in another part of the Company and we have never met, but have shared many a phone call and e-mail (all about work of course!) and we will be sorry to see her go, but obviously wish her all the luck in the world.  Sometimes those that leave on there own accord are luckier than those left behind!  

Anyway, I used Inkydoodle stamps for this one.  I just love their stamps, they stamp clearly and cleanly and I love their background stamps the combinations you can do with them is endless.  Worth checking them out if you've not seen them before.  

And here's the penultimate one.  One of our friends was having a rock n roll party, so I thought I would use an old Kanban stamp I had and with some paper piecing the dress looks quite effective as 'rockers girls' would wear.  The background was also an old Kanban kit I had and not used lol.  She loved it.

The last one today (if you haven't dosed off in between or lost the will to live!). I told you to make yourself a cuppa and take the weight off your feet lol! Is this one:

I was supposed to be making my 14 year old niece a birthday card, but got distracted (as you do) when the postie brought me a set of dies yesterday (don't know who ordered them????) they are the Marvellous Squares from Spellbinders.  The colour of the card is more turquoise, but the photo makes it more blue.  What do you think, does it need something in else in the corners.  if you think so, leave me a comment.

Well think that is enough for today (more than enough I hear you cry....) but thank you very very much for popping by and staying.  Pleease come back again, promise it won't be as long next time.  Look forward to reading your comments.  

Friday, 4 July 2014

A gift for you

Just a short blog today, not been on here for ages, so need to catch up a bit.  It's always nice to do something different and I've been busy making pop up boxes (will add a pic of them on another day), but fancied a change, then I discovered these cards.  However, I cannot take all the credit, thanks to a You tube video by Elaine, which explains simply and efficiently how to make these lovely cards check out this blog:

One of the nicest things is that the Elaine shows you how to make the box to go with it. It took me a 
couple of times to get it right, OK maybe one box took three attempts to get it right, but once you've 
cracked it, it's simple!!!

My problem was they're made in inches and I am a child from the 60's who's life changed when
decimalisation kicked in!  Or to be honest I was never that good at maths!  Anyway, thanks to being
a bit of a hoarder I found an old wooden ruler with 16ths of an inch etc (whatever they are???) and
as I often tell my son 'don't throw that away it'll come in useful one day' -  I've just proved my point. 
Lol.  Right, off to pack my cards up for a School Fete tomorrow.  Wish me luck, it's in a marquee in 
the middle of a field!!!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

90 years young

Here's a card I've made for my Auntie who will be 90 years young in a couple of weeks, 

 She's a lovely lady and my sisters and I have a special place in our hearts for our Auntie (and Uncle who sadly is no longer with us).  They have always been pleased to see us, whatever time of day or evening when we've popped in on them - there was and still is always a cup of tea and a piece of auntie's boiled cake on offer.  

Many a time we have 'gate-crashed' their holidays by hiring a caravan on the same site without them knowing or shared a beach hut when it rained lol.  (God we sound like the worlds worst relatives), but these were some of our best times and we have good memories of growing up with my cousins.  We all still meet up for birthdays and other special occasions and we will all be getting together for Aunty's birthday of course (but we have been invited this time - we won't just be turning up lol!).  

Anyway back to the card.  A simple 8 x 8 scalloped blank card  with squares cut from both a fairly dark lilac slightly metallic card and a linen effect white card,  The dies I have used are from Tonic. Deco Frame 'Emily'.  I used a slightly lighter lilac card for this.  The numbers in the middle are from a stamp set from Pinflair, really nice set of numbers.  I may put a little gem or a pearl on the corners but the jury's still out on that one.  

Let me know what you think.  Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pop Up Box Card - Happy Birthday

I've seen a few of these cards around lately and thought I'd investigate a bit further and found out how simple they are and after playing around with some odd bits yesterday, here's the first one I made today.  Both OH and son were impressed - so that's some recommendation I suppose lol!

I used the Inkydoodles background stamps (one of my always at hand whilst crafting items!) I just love them, there is no end to the variations you can do.  Anyway, I digress, the flowers were stamped and coloured in with promarkers. The flowers were from a Hero Arts set of clear stamps and were very easy to colour and cut out.  

Hope you like it and I am sure I will be making lots more of these and will probably bore you to bits when posting them to my blog - but I hope not.....if you want to ask any questions feel free to leave them below or contact me via Facebook or e-mail. Thanks for taking the time xxx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sue Wilson - Striplet Die

Morning, beautiful sunny and spring like day here in Essex today. Not sure how long it will last though and my heart goes out to those people in the parts of the country who have lost their homes from the floods and winds.  It's horrendous.

As it has been almost a month since I posted last, (where does the time go?) thought I would share a card I've made today with my new Sue Wilson Striplet die.  Ordered mine from Joanna Sheen and it was with me within 48 hours, excellent service.  There are two dies in the packet, an innie and an outie  for want of better ways to describe it.  But for those of you who think 'what is she on about?' I shall explain.... There is an outer die, which when used with the main die cuts the design out of the paper,  If you use only the 'innie' die, then it just cuts out the design not the shape.  When you see the card, you'll understand (hopefully).  I used just the 'innie'.  

I used white linen effect card, and a turquoise card which I had in my stash.  Think this combination gives a clean and fresh image.  Thinking about it, if I was to make this card again, which I will because it is so diverse, and can cover a number of different occasions, I would use sticky pads to layer it, giving it a bit of height, but was thinking if I sell this one, it's cheaper to post.  Ho hum, you learn by your mistakes.

I must admit I got the idea for the card from the a creative Expressions Facebook page, but changed the flower (this was made from the Spellbinders Donna Salzar Rose creations set), I've had it for a long time, but it's one that I go back too time and time again.  The greeting was a wooden stamp, embossed in silver.  

Oh I've also put the card I made for my OH for Valentines Day.  Similar design, but on a smaller scale, the  first one was an 8x8, but this one is 6x6.  (Wasn't sure if he'd get me a card, so thought it wasn't worth making a too elaborate one for him - although he did get me a lovely card which made me feel guilty (but only for a while, a very short while lol).

Sorry this has been a long post.  Thanks for popping by and sticking with it.  Hopefully you'll come back again?  Take care x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

2 years old!

Where does the time go?  Really can't believe that my youngest great-niece Betsy Blossom will be two on Tuesday.  (Nor that my eldest great niece will be 19 in April), talk about make you feel old!  

However, thought I'd share the card I made for Betsy using a freebie stamp from Papercraft Essentials.      It was so easy to colour and I used promarkers and blended three colours of pink (sorry cannot remember which ones!), don't often have much luck with blending, but watched a couple of tutorials on you tube and then gave it another go.  

The background was made from Inkydoodles 'Country Checks' background stamps, using two shades of Memento ink pads,  They're very easy stamps to use and I find it quite therapeutic filling in the squares with hearts etc.   

The flower is made from the Heartfelt Creations Sunburst stamp and die and again coloured in with Promarkers.  The square greeting is also part of the 'freebie' set.

I was going to put a number '2' on the bottom right hand corner, but with the oval shape next to it, it looked too much like an advert for O2 so I used my Clarity alphabet instead and spelt the number in letters and hung it as a banner top left,

I was pretty happy with this card and hopefully Betsy was too (although at that age don't think cards really hold their attention for that long lol.). 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy Birthday Son

Here's a card that I made for my son Tom.  He was 23 today and what a fine young man he's grown into, so very proud of him.  I used my Inkydoodles 'embroidered background' stamps to do the backgrounds (obviously)' a bit time consuming, but worth it in the end and almost quite therapeutic!  I used Memento ink pads:  Danube blue, Love Letter and Dandelion.  The little boy on the front is a Lili O'Valley stamp coloured in with promarkers.

I composed the verse inside myself.  I wanted to put in so much more, but the words don't always come that easy, let alone getting them to rhyme.

The shapes diamonds and circles were cut using Spellbinders dies.  I was pleased with it and Tom seemed to like it too.  Hope you do too.  Thanks for popping by.  

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Round and Round

I thought I would share a couple of cards I have made using my latest purchase the Inkadinkadoo Stamping Gear.  It wasn't something I thought I needed, or would even use but having been given a gift voucher for Christmas and discount for being a member of Pinnacles Craft Shop and my sweet other half paying the remainder (as a late Christmas present), I decided it was worth it.  And boy is it good!  The most difficult thing is to get it out of the packaging, which is quite a lovely presentation box, but you destroy it getting the parts out of it. Anyway I digress....  

This first card I have stamped the same stamp in a circle twice (basically moving the stamp slightly up the paddle to make the circumference slightly bigger.  The smaller circle I cut out using a spellbinders die and the centre is a D-Lite die (I think it's Aster?)

The second one, I've just used the circle block (can't think the proper term for it - sorry brains gone to sleep!!!) and stamped round it using two different memento inks.  Cut a small circle of silver mirri board and then another white one with the greeting on it.

Hope you like them.  Thanks for popping by and please leave me a comment.  Thanks.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Visions of blue

Thought I'd share a card I made for a very good friend celebrating her birthday last weekend.  It was such a refreshing change to do something not connected to Christmas and to do it in monochrome was even better.

The central image was a Kanban stamp, stamped with Memento ink and then using a little water to bring out the colour.  
I used an Inkydoodles background stamp (tapestry I think it's called).  They are brilliant stamps and so many different options on one sheet.  Well worth every penny.  The roses are from a spellbinders die coloured once again with the Memento ink pad.  

It was one of those cards that you feel like you've achieved something and really enjoyed making.  I hope the recipient liked it too?

Saturday, 31 August 2013

God Bless Betsy Blossom

Thought I would take the opportunity to share with you a card I made recently for my beautiful great-niece Betsy Blossom for her christening.  

It was a 8x8 card covered in pearlescent cream and turquoise card.  I used the spellbinders dies to cut the corners, the church window and a cuttlebug embossing folder to create the stained glass effect.  The butterflies were peel offs on cream card (one of those things that I had forgotten I had and found them whilst looking for a little peel off cross!)

We had a lovely day, although poor Betsy wasn't feeling very well and didn't appreciate having her hair washed in the font lol!  

Please leave a comment, even if you just popped in to have a peep, all visitors and their comments are always welcome.  

35 years!

Thought it was time to update my blog and share with you a card I was asked to make for a friend for his wife on their anniversary.  They have been married 35 years and are still madly deeply in love.  I admire anyone who can be after all that time (sorry don't mean to sound cynical! but I could only manage 10 years of marriage, well I could have managed more if my husband hadn't decided the grass was greener on the other side!!!). Anyway, that's all in the past and now I have a partner of 18 years (that's the time we've known each other not his age!!!! I should be so lucky....). We've lived together twelve and it works very well - he has his hobbies and I have mine and as long as we meet in the middle sometimes (ooh misses!) we're quite happy.

Anyway, enough waffling, for all you card makers out there lets get back to the card.

Once again I've used an 8x8 card, covered in rose pink and white pearlescent card.  I used the grand square nesties and the spellbinders border and edgeabilites dies.  I used the Inkylicious 'delicate vines' stamp which is great for backgrounds, very versatile, whatever the occasion and embossed it in Wow embossing powder.  The rest is self explanatory really.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, but please leave a comment so that I know you've popped by.  Thanks.  Off to make the box to put it in now - that should be fun.......

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Purple & Turquoise Art Deco

Here's the other card I was asked to make for the weekend.  I had previously made the same card in black and red for a 21st birthday.  That was no problem, but this time the customer (or my friend Kerri) requested a lady in purple!  The only problem I had was that the image was on a CD and the lady didn't come in purple!  

Looking at the CD again, I found the image, but in white, so I used my promarkers and coloured the image in.  I was well impressed, I don't think you would have thought it had been hand coloured! As an extra touch I sprayed the image with Crafters Companion Spray and Shine, which enances all the colour.  I used the the Lattice spellbinders die to make the frame and an embossing folder for the background.  I was very pleased with the end result and hope that Kerri and her niece were too.  

I've also added a picture of the first card I made (also for another of Kerri's nieces). It's very difficult to make the same card twice, and I think you improve on it each time you do..  

Which one do you prefer?  

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A birthday Card with a difference

Wow, what a crafty weekend I have had and in all this heat!

Friday night, about 8pm started making a chipboard album for my brother in law, who was 75 the following day.  He is such a lovely person, and he's been in my life since I was three and we get on really well.  He's a very young 75 and I couldn't have asked for a better brother-in-law.

He always loves my handmade cards and I always try to make him something special!  Well this time I decided to make a chipboard album with photos taken throughout his life and marking the milestones.  I had to stop at 1.30 am in the morning, basically cos I couldn't see straight, but next morning at 7 am back again to finish it off.  Three hours later and it was finished.  We were going to his house at 2 o'clock for a barbecue - no pressure there and I had to take my Mum out beforehand!  Anyway, the results you can see below.  I was surprised how easy the chipboard books were to use (I used the Papermania one) covering the pages with some Scrapbooking paper.  I also used the X cut alphabet set, which I was pleasantly surprised how good it cut out the letters.  Well worth the investment!  I would definitely use the chipboard books again (perhaps I would give myself more time next time lol- but knowing me I won't lol). 

 He was thrilled with it and kept showing it off to everyone at the Barbie bless him.  

Oh, the blank page is for me to add pictures of Bern with his other two children when they were born, although his eldest who is in the photo, was quite happy with that I had left it blank!  (They do love their siblings really!!!) 

I also had an order to make an 18th birthday card by Sunday morning, so I also had that to do!  So when I got back from the barbecue it was a quick nap and then back to the craft room, finally finished it about half an hour ago.  Will post this one later on tonight when it's been collected - just in case!

Thanks for popping by on this gloriously hot SUMMER day (Yeah it's finally arrived - worth waiting for!)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cupcakes for a 3 year old

Here's a card I was asked to make for someone's Grandaughter who was 3 (pretty self explanatory that lol!). I had in my head that it was going to be pink but it turned out turquoise and lemon, with a hint of pink!  Why does that always happen?  You get an idea in your head as to what the card will be like and by the time it's finished it's completely different (but probably a lot better)

Once again using the Grand stately circles, cutting one in yellow and the other in white.  The white one I edged in pale yellow and green pan pastels (altho' the green hasn't shown up very well in the picture) The image is a Lili o' Valley stamp coloured with Promarkers.  I was pretty pleased with this, seeing as I only had a couple of nights to do it in, as 'Grandad' thought her birthday was in July lol!  

Well that's it for the time being. Off to enjoy the sunshine - whilst it lasts!  
Whatever you're doing enjoy x. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Eadie Mae Circle card

I've never made a completely round card before, so I thought I would share the one I made for friends of ours who had a baby daughter last week.  She weighed in at 9lbs and is absolutely gorgeous and I had a lovely cuddle with her yesterday and even got to feed her, although we left before it was time to change her nappy lol.

Anyway getting back to the card!  I folded a sheet of A3 card and used the grand decorative circles to cut out the shape and then used the same dies, one the same size and two smaller ones to cut from pink paper (think this was the Lucy Cromwell pad - I love that paper!)   I stamped the image onto the smaller circle and then paper pieced it using the scraps from the sheets (us crafters don't waste anything!). 

I then stamped her name and date of birth using the Clarity stamps and then made the flowers from a x-cut petal punch which I had bought at a reduced price the day before!!!! 

I just realised there was a loose petal on the right flower when I took the photo - oops!

Eadie Mae also has an elder brother Archie (who's 4 and a half) and not wanting to leave him out I made him a big brother card, which bless him he recorded a thank you message for me on Facebook. It was one of those cards that didn't take too long to make but the reward was well worth it.  

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Perry's Tours

At last I've blogged again (sounds like a cue for a song!!I) its not that I haven't been busy making cards and other crafty things recently, but had lost my mojo for blogging!!! However, I have finally got round to it, not much on the tele and I can't get past a level on Candy Crush, so thought I would bug my crafty friends with a card I add earlier tonight for a chap at work.

I actually work at a bus depot (no I am not a driver, but I do admire the job that they do as it is no fun when dealing with members of the public). One of the inspectors took out a bus last year to cover someone's shift and ended up having a prang! And we haven't let him forget it yet, so hence the slider card with the bus crashing into the bollard. I made the background using some Hobby Art stamps and used promarkers and pan pastels to colour it in. Hope it survives everyone signing it and that he sees the funny side, he's a good chap so I think he will - fingers crossed.

As I have not been on for a while will rectify this by uploading my projects one by one throughout the next few days. Thank you for taking time to have a browse and for any comments you may wish to leave, they are much appreciated xxx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Two of a kind, but different!

I was recently asked by the mother of the brides for twin sisters getting married within two weeks of each other, one wedding has already taken place so I thought I would publish the first card, the second one will follow later, just in case they check out my blog beforehand!

The theme of the wedding was a beach theme, with sand, shells and exotic flowers as table decorations so I chose to use the shells that I had picked up from a beach years ago (see I knew they would come in handy sometime lol!). I used real lace and pearls to decorate the card, as the bride had a very lacy veil and added a couple of homemade hat pins. I also stamped the cream card with a lace stamp and embossed it with white embossing powder. I also made a box to put t in.

Watch this space for the second one, should be here shortly.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Gift Box

Thought I would share a gift box I made this evening. It's to put Callie's bunting in (no she still hasn't got it yet - what am I like?) Anyway, once again I used the Papermania spots & stripes capsule collection (think I've been calling it something else lol!), in fact I used what was left over from the bunting, so quite productive and thrifty me thinks. (Seeing as I went to the craft shop today and spent some more money - naughty naughty ;). The butterfly on the top is cut from one of Spellbinders Expandable pattern dies. Hadn't used this before, apart from when it arrived and I tried it with paper and tore it when trying to get it out of the die! But in a moment of inspiration thought I'd try it again and I think it looks quite elegant. Well I'm off to bed as I've got work tomorrow - another day at the fun factory - can't wait :(. Thanks for popping by, take care and see you all soon xxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A sprinkling of Red.....

Thought I'd share with you the card I made, as part of the design team (i like saying that!) for The Cupboard Trilogy latest Challenge.

It's an 8x8" card blank which is covered by (top half) Lucy Cromwell paper, which I embossed with a heart folder. The bottom half, I've used a stripey paper from the latest papers from Docrafts the candy dots and stripes collection, they compliment each other perfectly. The central topper is made using the new docrafts die. I cut it twice and the cut one down so that it would layer one on top of each other, after I had used my distress ink to tone the white card down! A spellbinder large scalloped circle cut out in red card and a red ribbon add the touch of red. The sentiment stamped adds the romance!

I stamped the flourishes after I had embossed, but with hindsight should have done it before. Oh and for the dots in the corners I used my creative expressions pva glue and sprinkled red glitter on it while it was still wet! it sort of worked, but they did dip slightly!

Why not follow the link and take part in the challenge, there's a brilliant prize to be one, so go on have a go - it's easier than you think......

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Callie's Room

Remember just before Christmas I was asked to make a Christmas card with a silhouette of a pregnant lady (OH's niece who was due to have her baby around that time - see Last Minute Rush post if you missed it!). Well anyway, baby Callie arrived safe and sound on 22 December 2012.

When her sister Molly was born, I made a card with her name on, which her Mum put on her bedroom door, so when Callie arrived she asked me whether I would make something along those lines again. So here it is, something a little different, but something I enjoyed making and discovered my Cricut again!!! Making things for little girls is always enjoyable because you can use pretty colours and bows etc. and I might even make a few more for next craft fair I do! (I live in hope that something sells!!!).

Just got to get it to her before she turns 21 lol! Don't think she'll appreciate it then lol!!!
Thanks for looking and for taking the time to leave me a comment. Take care xxx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Boys & Their Toys

What a great start to the New Year so far, I've had a card published in the Docrafts Creativity magazine (January issue) and also been asked to join two design teams. One of which is the Cards Galore Scrapbook Group.

I had been a scrapper over the years, but never got round to doing many pages, cards always seemed to take precedence when crafting. However, when I got the invite to join a scrapping team I was delighted and jumped at the chance, my first entry can be seen at http://cardsgalore The theme this month is any theme goes, with a fantastic prize from our sponsor The Stamping Shack.

It's a rather simple paper layout, I've used a picture of my OH with one of his model planes, not a good picture of him, looks a bit scruffy, but he hates having his pic taken at the best of times. This is one for his scrapbook, should have plenty to put into it with all his hobbies past and present lol. The image is from The Stamping Shack, it was lovely to colour in (using promarkers) nice clean lines and I hope it will inspire you to join in the challenge. Thanks for looking xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

On a Roll.....

Now I've started I can't stop! If you've got the Holly Pond CD you'll know what I mean. Here are two more cards I've made this afternoon. It's been a real pleasure doing so as well. Think it's using bright colours again, makes you think of spring and summer - not long now, it'll soon be here (I hope!!!).

I think the cards are self explanatory - the one thing I will say is I used the Cosmic Shimmer PVA Pearl glue to do the pearls around the edge of the wedding card - in fact I did that last night, so that I didn't smudge them today when putting the card together - is although I used the white glue, it took on the colour of the paper behind it, which was lovely as they are now a really delicate pink so well pleased with that.

Once again, thank you for taking a peak, hope you like them as much as I do xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Holly Pond Hill Time

I love this time of night when everyone is in bed and it's all quiet, no television and a lovely cup of tea.
After all the birthday celebrations in our house this week for my sons's 22nd, baking two cakes one chocolate and the other a checkerboard cake, which thanks to someone lending me the proper cake tins made it a lot easier - but still time consuming and family coming round to help him blow out the candles lol x I finally had time this evening to print off and play with my new Joanna Sheen Holly Pond Hill CD. Wow - the images are just so beautiful and some of them are so beautifully coloured. I have made two so far, and one I actually took a picture of the backing paper before I put on the topper - they are stunning. You can make them as complicated or as simple as you wish - gone for the simple options tonight! Hopefully if I get some more time to myself tomorrow so a few more may get made! Watch this space.

Thanks for popping by and stay warm and safe - looks like we've got some nasty weather coming in this week so take care xxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chronology - time flies!

At last I can upload this card I made on Saturday for my son whose 22 today! It only seems like yesterday when I held him in my arms for the very first time and my has he grown!!!!

The card was made using two sheets one orange dotty and the other turquoise stripes from the Papermania Dots & Stripes 12 x 12 pad, which is actually double sided so you get twice the choice. I distressed the edges with TH distress inks and cut out the oval using a grand nestability. The lattice cut is made using a Spellbinders extendable die and the cogs, topper and the orange paper (behind the lattice) are all from the Docrafts Goody bag, which I must admit is a brilliant deal this time.

My son liked it and I hope you do too enough to leave me a comment. Thanks for piping by and see you soon xxx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hugs & Kisses

Yesterday I was lucky to get to our local Craft Shops rummage sale (well the bank manager was even luckier lol!) - and bought some rubber stamps that were reduced in price. Been playing with them this morning and thought I'd show you this one, the others will follow!

It's one of the Crafters Companion Humphrey stamps, which I thought would be good for anniversary cards (perhaps). It stamped lovely and is so easy to colour. The pink background paper was stamped using an indigo Blu stamp with a versamark clear pad and embossed in clear embossing powder. The blue ribbon was a piece I found on my desk left over from another project, although it wasn't quite long enough so cut it in half and put the two ends at each side (just don't tell anyone there's a gap in the middle - hopefully they won't notice!!!). I used a pale blue pan pastel to edge the topper, just to give it a bit of depth.

Thanks for popping by to have a look, may I take this opportunity (in case I don't get another) to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2013 and look forward to sharing more of my creations with you. Take care xxx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lead By Example

In November of last year I was lucky enough to be asked to join the DT of The Cupboard Trilogy and here is my first entry into their latest challenge - #7 Lead By Example. It's very simple, you just have to look at the design team samples, choose one and make a card/scrapbook page using the same layout, of course you can add to it, turn it around etc, but we still need to be able to see the original in the layout (if you get my drift?). There's a lovely prize for one lucky winner, so well worth having a go.

The card I've made is an 8x8 covered in a light blue rose background, the bottom half of which I stamped with an Indigo Blu harlequin stamp using a pale blue distress ink, as well as a grey versafine. The topper is made using a Kanban stamp (stamped twice onto two different sized ovals) coloured with promarkers and then mounted on top of one another. A white ribbon coloured with the same colour promarker blue pen and ruffled slightly. The greeting is stamped using the Art Deco stamps from Docrafts and a spellbinders die. Nothing too difficult, but leaves you plenty of scope to elaborate on.

I hope you like my card and leave me a comment and why not have a go at the challenge too. Thanks for stopping by and good luck xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Wreath

Thought I'd share this with you, as I've just finished it (surprisingly in time for Christmas!). I'd seen ready made ones in the shops, but thought too expensive, then I saw one on Pinterest and I was off. With a little help from a wire hanger and a glue gun and several burnt fingers later here it is - proudly hanging on my front door. The photo doesn't really do it justice, as it looks a bit misshapen, but it isn't and I'm not sure about the bow!!!!

Well, this may be my last blog this side of Christmas, so I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all of my followers a very Happy Christmas and an even happier new year. Hope you stay safe and healthy. Thanks for all your lovely comments over the past few months and look forward to sharing more of my creations in 2013. Xxx